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The Case of the Missing Gunsmith

Our heroes began investigating an apparent arson at a gun-smithery on Bellows Island, part of a cluster of islands known to some as Five Fingers. Soon, they found themselves caught in a conspiracy and one wrong move led them to flee Five Fingers. Their only lead was a blood-stained note referencing the far off metropolis of Sharn, a very different place than the freebooting town they’re used to.

Their arrival in Sharn was violently interrupted by a demonic creature rampaging in the lower wards. Following the creature’s misty footsteps, the adventurers eventually were led to the base of Dalannan Tower in the Center Bridge district of Lower Menthis Plateau.

Inside the tower, an eldritch machine churned out elemental energy in waves. The sentries set to guard the machine overwhelmed the group, but as luck would have it, the machine malfunctioned just in the nick of time. Unfortunately for the adventurers, some of the sentries escaped and their prisoner was killed by the machine. Anwen believes the prisoner to be her lost brother, though the remains were difficult to identify precisely.

Just as the group recovered their wits, they were summoned to Morgrave University by Professor Vilora via a courier, who delivered a note and skycoach ticket. On the way to the university, the coach was beset by a mysterious cloaked humanoid and a half dozen goblin archers on soarsleds. The party defeated the cloaked enemy and drove off the remaining goblins, and they were left wondering if this might have been Aric Blacktree, who was involved in the eldritch machine they demantled, seeking revenge. They may never know as the creature’s body plummeted to the lower wards below, likely dead.

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Exterminators For Hire

Our heroes, at the behest of a Morgrave University professor, took on a mission to collect samples of some Kruthik bugs which have been giving the Tain Foundry some trouble. Normally our heroes wouldn’t be all too interested in such distractions, but it serendipitously led them to Brugur, who might have more information about Anwen’s dead brother.

Unfortunately for our heroes, Kruthik are mighty nasty, and they’ve had some difficulty exterminating them. They’ve also found the ruins of an ancient tomb, presumably from the old goblin inhabitants of pre-Sharn.

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