Night in the City of Towers

After the jump.
Boats and Bodies, and Blood...Oh my!

Our brave group of adventurers were on their way to meet up with some street thugs to gather some more information on Veet, hopefully without having to pay them the hordes of gold we promised them. Upon our arrival we found that their spokesperson was Lagot Delphen of Fairhaven, a merchant of sorts who owned the two boats near us.

He offered up information in exchange for piloting his airboat to (some place I can’t remember). Fye decided however that taking him hostage was the quicker route to information and shifted to the looks of one of his henchmen to lure him away from his almost ended conversation with Crake Galt.

Once Lagot was under the grasp of Fye, all kinds of poop hit the fan. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria! Well, not quite that bad, but you get the idea.

Anwen Pennent had us covered from the roof top and ended up “bear trappin” Lagot, which meant he just died slower. And by slower I mean 4 rounds instead of 1. And by slower I mean he was still dead.

Crake decided to take a break on the ship (Ryan left for work), and we almost all died cause we had no heals. What’s Ryans penalty? In the end we killed most of them, scared off the rest, and didn’t get any information. But, hot damn! We’ve got an airship.

Prelude - Arson in Five Fingers
Let's talk... with this knife to your throat.

Unintended events brought together this motley band of adventurers, and their time together started quite literally with a bang. A fire broke out in a small artisan strip along the wharf in the port city of Five Fingers, known as a place attractive to unsavory sorts. When it was revealed that Anwen Pennent’s brother, Eian, had gone missing as a result of the blaze, the group banded together to investigate the disappearance.

Their investigation was cut short, however, by a confrontation with a local merchant named Lagot Delphen who was preparing a shipment to an unspecified destination. In the middle of gathering information, Fye betrayed the group and confronted the merchant. Blood was spilled on the docks, mainly that of the merchant and his bodyguards, and the group was forced to flee Five Fingers for parts unknown aboard a stolen ship with the town guard menacing them from the docks.

Before they fled, however, they recovered a sack of coins from the deceased merchant along with a brief but telling note…

Brugur Gyrrend of Sharn,

I wish to inform you that I do not deal in the trade of lives. The boy you seek has already been taken, and I think by your rivals, but I do not know for certain. A lot of people are asking questions about the blaze, and it’s no longer safe to conduct business here. I am retiring to Fairhaven away from all this bloodshed and politics. Consider this my resignation.


Lagot Delphen of Fairhaven


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