Night in the City of Towers

This is a bug hunt, man!; or, getting dirty in the Kruthik tunnels

Almost as if knowing that time was short, our team chose to ignore the doors in the zombie chamber and instead dive down the drainpipe to where the Kruthik might be gathering. With much squeezing and scraping, the group single-filed its way to a larger cave below the tomb. The walls were covered in grody slime, which was a clue that we were on the right track. The other clue was the swarm of Kruthik buggers waiting to attack us. Tzupok headed up the line, forming a warforged wall between the party and the enemy. Fye immediately tossed such pesky “tactics” to the wind as he bounced and flourished his way toward the buggers. Miro asked his God to put the smack down, a prayer that occasionally got answered. Anwen plugged away at the surprisingly tough beasts, while Crake muttered stuff about Objectivism and then got shishkebobed by the Kruthik. Things were looking pretty bad until we got the leaders down; cleaning up the hatchlings then went a bit easier. The party took a breather, and although we were far from the prime of health, we took a peek at what lay beyond…which looked at a lot like the egg nursery of the bug monsters.

So that leaves just one question. Who wants omelets?



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