Night in the City of Towers

"The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen!" Or, "Oh, That Guy Fye Died, How Predictable."

The heroes cautiously entered the hive cave, wary of a surprise attack and being surrounded. Piles of eggs and rubble lay strewn across the cavern floor separated by sheets of mucus delicately hanging from the ceiling. Scurrying across it all were hundreds of baby Kruthik. As the group inched forward into the chamber a deep rumbling shook the foundations of the cave sending rubble scattering and filling the air with dust. The tremors increased in force until the ugliest, gut infested, monstrous Kruthik burst forth from the ground. The party, feeling the effects of shock and awe, watched as the hundreds of baby Kruthik congealed into two large swarms that rushed forward, bolstered by the large Kruthik’s presence. They proceeded to fuck shit up. Tzupaq went down, followed by Crake. Crake saved himself with a natural 20 and got back up to revive Tzupaq only to watch the baby Kruthik devour Fye beyond recognition.

The sobering effect of Fye’s death focused the party on their task of staying alive (or so he would have liked to think, had he been alive) and they redoubled their attacks. Detecting a filial relationship between the babies and the lumbering Kruthik the party brought their arms to bear on what could only be the hive mother and smote her into tomorrow which sent the babies scurrying for the nearest crack or crevice.

After they finished their mission to remove the Kruthik threat and destroy the hive and its contents the party gathered around what was left of Fye. Sensing a lingering presence about the corpse the party decided it would be best to recover a part of the body to attempt a resurrection. The party then headed back up to the surface to relay their findings back to Brugar and Vilora. There was some dialogue. Something about another professor and going back to the cave.

That is all.


If anyone wants to add the conversations with Brugar and Vilora, be my guest. I was half paying attention as I was dead and trying to figure out how to reincarnate myself.


If i gave out rewards last session, i don’t remember what they were. Can anyone fill us in?


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