Night in the City of Towers

Sorry, no montage.

in which our heros mkae zombies explode.

After a rousing discussion of energy policy and healthcare reform over a few mugs of Jax’d, our heroes decided to get to hero-ing and met up with Prof. Nephret and her rather shady elven companions, who gave us some more history on the Ashen Crown, but didn’t really offer much in the way of help. Hence, we politely excused ourselves after turning down an offer to sell the dagger for 2000 gold.

We had intended to merely kill time while waiting for the airship, but an urgent message from Nephret gauranteed that we’d be killing something else. She twigged to the fact that Lady Dannae was not who she claimed to be, and begged us to meet her so she could give us some more info. We hightailed it to her apartment, but alas, it was too late. Dannae was already waiting for us, with a newly zombied Nephret and a few other undead. We smashed them dead dead, without too much trouble. Fye alomst died (again). Tzupok managed to flatten some of them without moving a single step, Anwen shot a few in the face, and Miro pulled down some “Temple of Light” action that had a serious slimming effect on the undead. Turns out, they HATE holy light. Crake was strangly quiet and distant through the encounter, but still hurled some healing light when needed.

Post-fight, Anwen retrieved the notes about the crown that Nephret died to pass on (sorry about that, sweetie). Also mentioned, “the Emerald Claw”, which Dannae “the Demise” Ulann might also have been interested in.

The scene closes with our heroes stage center, mopping up zombie dust and pondering their next move.



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