Night in the City of Towers

Ridin' through the Desert on a Horse with no Existence

"Is that an _emerald_ claw you're wearing?"

There’s nothing like the threat of police action to get adventurers moving…out. Our party made a brief pit stop at the university library to study up on the Emerald Claw – an organization, not an artifact – and then flew the airship to the last podunk farmville south of monster territory. We bickered for a while about whether it was a better idea to continue to use the airship (Safe! Fast! Smooth!) or to troop in on foot. Oddly, horses cost more than a decent sword, and no one could wrangle a good bargain from the universally cranky inhabitants.

So we walked. Fye took scout, walking along the upper ridge by the path, and soon sighted a lone goblin gettin’ himself hog-tied and railroaded by three bowmen. After reporting back to the party, Fye and Anwen took the high road, while Tzupok, Miro, and Crake took the low road. The goblin hunters were fairly jumpy, and it only took a moment for them to get all itchy trigger-fingered, raining fire arrows down at the group (Hey, we just walked down the road, people!). Offended by their behavior, Anwen started shooting back. Hell broke loose right about then. Fye sliced one dude’s entrails out, and Miro charged down the road after a horse to free the roped goblin. Tzupok windmilled the rest of the enemies, while Crake threw electric fury at them, sometimes while standing in water (where’d you go to school again, Crake?).

The party managed to eliminate some of the attackers, although a few got away. None were left alive to question (sad face), and the goblin, while grateful, gave only a shifty explanation for what was going on. We parted company with the goblin and continued north, where more danger surely awaits, some of it probably in the form of the Emerald Claw survivors who would now be on the alert. Only total fools would head directly into such a trap!

Did someone say fools? Say hello to the Jax’d Squad!


Writing up the Adventure Log is a PERFECT endeavor for our English major. Thanks Jocelyn!


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