Night in the City of Towers

Kruthik fear us. Professors love us, or You can never have enough undead gem eyes.

Never forget the rule of “go left!”, unless of course you should have gone right.

Our band of adventurers again returned to the Kruthic tunnels to finish what they started. In our last trip there we killed the hive queen, but left part of the tunnels unexplored. After speaking with the understudy of a professor that was supposed to know something about the gobiln lore in the area (and who always seemed to be on the verge or returning any time now) we decided that the chance at more loot, and figuring out if [insert name of undead bad guy] was really down the tunnels made it a worth while trip.

We made our way into the tunnels, making sure to lock ourselves in for fear of an easy escape. Little kruthic pitter-pattered around but none came close to us. When forced with deciding which way to turn, Miroslav Brezlin convinced the group that left was clearly the correct way to go. It wasn’t. Eventually we took the original advice of Crake Galt and went back to the waterfall and made our way back to the room with the first big undead encounter. We passed through some double iron doors and fought in a room with a giant bowl of flowing blood in the middle. There were a couple undead creatures that burst forth from their resting places and proceeded to get an ass whoopin! There was this one pesky mist creature (mist creatures = bad, noted.) that gave us a run for our money but eventually succumbed to the might of our heroes.

No tricks or traps waited for us after that fight, just [insert name of undead bad guy]. By now I think the party has learned that if it has gems for eyes, it’s not gonna be good. With this knowledge in hand we proceeded to enter a room with 4 statues in the middle of the room, 1 in each of the corners and a tomb at the end of it. We preemptively picked out the eyes of one of the statues, which of course started the whole group bearing down on us. Miro made use of his powers against the undead. Crake healed when he could and threw super weak magic daggers when he couldn’t. Tzupok acted as a non-human shield while at the same time acted as a non-human killing machine. Anwen Pennent plunked away with her shoulder cannon, raining a shower of really expensive lead down upon our enemies. Last but not least Fye showed us that our damage classes were all kinda dumb compared to his, also…he’s not dead anymore.

The creatures felt the wrath of five, level two characters and regretted ever messing with such a badass group. Well, probably not…I think they just died. Again. Whats next for our band of brave souls? Will some of Anwen’s sketches lead us to a new adventure? Will Fye ever find his missing finger? Will Crake ever find soft hands to hold him when it storms out? Tune in next time to find out!



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