Night in the City of Towers

Jax'd: Back in ax'tion!

Long time, no kill.

After what seemed like a VERY long walk, we hit the boundary of monster country, at the town/district/cave of Six Kings. A party of rather polite goblins (or hobgoblins…that all look the same to me), complimented us weaklings on our previous win over their rivals (apparently our bouts are all on pay-per-view), but was unwilling to let us past the border. Their tats declared them to be of the bladebearer faction, which meant we didn’t have much incentive to be friendly.

Despite knowing that this place was ambushalicious, we charged into battle, discovering very quickly that the goblin gang was larger than it appeared in the mirror, and that they were serious.

Serious, but not lucky. Our smaller group performed fairly awesomely, and the goblins…not so much. The Chib’s scimitars rarely connected with any of us, and the underlings were pretty standard fighters. Anwen managed to carve out a significant hole in the leader’s chest, which earned her the attention of the goblins’ archers. (Ouch.) Crake, however, informed Anwen that she did not have permission to die and sent some healing spells her way. In the meantime, Miro and Tzupok wailed on the goblins, who got to exercise their “Chib succession plan” far more rapidly than they were probably expecting to. Tzupok did a “souper” job at killing, I must say.

Fye was probably doing something useful too, but it’s hard to tell with him. You know, with the sneaky, and the disappearing, and the backflips! Oy vey. Anyway, soon enough everyone who wasn’t us was dead.

As we were scouting about for a place to camp for the night, we ran into yet another group of Goblinites, who were convinced we had a bit of the Ashen Crown with us. The very idea! Anyhoodle, we argued for a bit as to whether our party, or the goblin party, or both, would get to head into the cave and defeat the nastiness that lay beyond. Miro held some sort of dance-off with the goblin magic user, and won because he was – frankly – a lot more impressive. After a bit of back and forth, I’m pretty sure we agreed to join forces. The goblins will, however, probably double-cross us and try to find Asherta’s blade at the first opportunity. So we should be careful.



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