Night in the City of Towers

Gorilliashark in the mist. Or was Booth really a halfling?

Arrival in Eberron.

Message for you Sir!

We found a letter which pointed us to Eberron, more specifically to a person, Brugur Gyrrend of Sharn. After setting our feet on dry land after a month at sea (with only a few barrels of Jax’d to keep us company) we were ready to find some grub and a place to grab a drink. Suddenly mist began to flood out of a doorway we were approaching and a huge gorilla with shark teeth (don’t ask…it exists ok!) started to attack us. Crake Galt decided staying in one place was the way to go, Miroslav Brezlin thought getting ktfo a couple times would somehow help, and mainly Tzupok did all the damage. Fye made a flyby attack on the monster then slipped into another room to check things out. In that room were some mist/bubble/jaws things which Fye took his sweet time getting rid of.

After the mist gorilla monster was downed and we mopped up the rest of the bubble things, we started to track some misty footprints that the monster had left. Along the way we ran into some people who pointed us in the direction of a specific tower from which the monster had emerged. As we were traveling there we heard shouts from an alley and charged in on some kids who were roughing up an old man. The kids were halflings, and after we charged in trying to scare them off (which is determined by how pretty you are), we kinda started to get our collective asses kicked by a mysterious halfling agent and his two henchman. Miroslav went down again (/cough wet noodle /cough) and all hope seemed lost until Tzupok once again saved the day by painting the walls of the alley with a fresh coat of ‘Halfling brain’ red. After rescuing Abe Lincoln, aka Tol, we were about to take the one still live halfling to the coppers when the tower in question started to shake and rumble ala Haiti. Tol then switched his priorities for us to save people in the tower, so we tied up the Halfling thief and rushed off to the tower. We ended there with a short rest, ready to enter the tower and continue our adventure.

Session XP Gained: 510

Treasure Summary

Encounter Treasure
A Meeting with Lagot small coin purse containing 40 gp, letter from Lagot to Brugur
Fresh Off the Boat reward for saving bystanders, including one garnet gem (100 gp value) and 200 sp
Misty Footprints No treasure found
Cornered 1 vial of Alchemist’s Spark (Eberron Player’s Guide), coin pouch with 30 gp, eight copper rings (valued at 1 sp each)

Remaining Resources

Name Hit Points Surges Action Points Daily Powers
Miroslav Brezlin 24 / ?? 3 / ?? 1 None
Crake Galt 6 / 26 3 / 8 1 Obedient Servant
Anwen Pennent 17 / 22 3 / 6 1 None
Tzupok 28 / 33 10 / 13 1 None
Fye 21 / 22 4 / 6 1 None


After reading the letter again, I kinda feel that Brugur is a rifle maker. The line “The boy you seek has already been taken, and I think by your rivals, but I do not know for certain.” makes me think that “rivals” means competition, boy means Anwen’s brother, and that means perhaps Brugur was in the market to kidnap him anyway. Thoughts?


You forgot Tzupok’s mad guacamole skills earning you a success on your skill challenge!


Yeah, I have to go with the riflemaker/gunsmith rivalry thing.


Maybe it’s a secret project to make the ultimate alchemical projectile weapon. Could be what the explosion was all about.

Well, at least I have no qualms with lying to Brugur about Lagos’ death.


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