Night in the City of Towers

Ghost in the Machine; or, Remember that time you let my brother die?

I can't leave you alone for five minutes, can I?

So, the party charged into a shuddering tower, discovered a host of Red Jackel gang-sign-flipping fools, eventually hacked them to pieces (not without considerable fainting and pain on their own account), ran upstairs to find an infernal machine AND the object of their search, Anwen’s own brother, who nevertheless died because the party collectively nerfed.

Did I miss anything?

Addendum: After spending several hours resting and recuperating (or in Miroslav’s case, staring at his hands for hours, crying at having been granted an epiphany from his god after spending his last several fights in ignorance of his god’s vengeful power), too tired to even drag themselves out of the stench and refuse of the jackel’s hideout, our heroes stepped through the door, faced by a crowd of onlookers. Before managing to retrieve any more than few scraps of information from the crowd a courier dressed in aristocratic robes presented a letter to the party. The letter requested an immediate audience with a professor/scientist in the Upper Wards of Sharn and included a skycoach ticket for all involved. Knowing the cost of such tickets and the speed with which the letter reached them, the party set out for the nearest port and hired the first available skycoach.

Half way to the Upper Wards the skycoach was surrounded by six goblins riding elemental platforms and wielding bows. Anwen immediately took aim at the nearest goblin, letting loose a glancing shot into its chest. Fye followed up with a shuriken to the next goblin while Crake hastily searched the deck for something to hurl. Tzupok, seeing Crake’s futile search for something to throw and having no ranged weapons himself, decided what better weapon to hurl than himself and promptly let out a mighty, mechanical roar and vaulted over the railing onto an unsuspecting goblin’s platform. The platform dipped and swayed, barely supporting its new found load. Tzupok figured the best way to alleviate the strain was to shove the goblin off. After a couple more exchanges of arrows, bullets and plated fists a new presence appeared in the fray in a long flowing black cloak and shrouding hood. A large orb held out in front of the body was the main focus of everyone’s gaze and they watched it spring to life, glowing brighter by the second until sharp forks of dazzling blue energy spread from one goblin to the next. The party heaved a collective sigh of relief, though it was cut short as the goblins quickly recovered from the shock and redoubled their attacks. The mysterious person was not here to aid the party.

Their attention newly focused, the party swung around and sent all sorts of fury at the shrouded figure. Tzupok managed to grab onto the orb carrier’s robe, and though it ended up breaking free, the distraction turned the fight in the party’s favor. Miroslav buffed the crap out of Tzupok and between his mighty fists, Anwen’s depleted gold (er, gold depleting) bullets and a single well placed shuriken from Fye they successfully dismounted their foe sending the rest of the goblins packing. The party was later able to determine that the cloaked figure was possibly the same person who had written the schematics found on the body of Anwen’s dead brother.

The rest of the ride to the Upper Wards was uneventful except for Tzupok’s grief as his new elemental platform faded from existence. We leave our party at a skycoach port in the Upper Wards.

Treasure Summary

Encounter Treasure
Red Jackals 60 gp in a pouch on the dead archer
Doomsday Machine Eberron shard of lightning, belt of the brawler
Fight in the Skies None?



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