Night in the City of Towers

Big Trouble in the Cogs

After accepting Professor Vilora’s request to deal with a Kruthik infestation down in the Cogs the party split up, some stocking up on supplies and others catching a quick nap. Anwen, feeling a slight twinge of homesickness, thought a large flagon of Jax’d would hit the spot and figured that would be the best course of action seeing as how all the taverns serving Jax’d were down in the cogs anyways. Crake ran to wake Miro from his nap and collect Tzupok from whatever it is that warforged do in their free time (all we know is that it looks something akin to staring at a wall) and the group met up at the lift that headed down to the cogs.

The party found a tavern that looked just as good as any other, entered, and ordered up their drinks. While the group discussed their thoughts about Vilora, Crake eavesdropped on the surrounding conversations. Not hearing anything other than plain old blather, Crake strained his ear even harder, cocking his head to the side. This caught the attention of a couple of bugbears who made their way straight over to the table. Crake tried to apologize to the bugbears, but they seamed to have no inclination for forgiveness. Crake and the bugbears talked a bit more (all unbeknown to the rest of the party as Crake was the only one who spoke goblin) and the bugbears grew ever more irritated, gesturing strongly at the door. After several more bugbears started to make their way over to the table everyone in the party got a good idea of what was going on and decided it was time they moved on. Before leaving, though, they made sure to snag a case of Jax’d for the road.

They walked around the cogs, looking to catch their sense of direction and figure out their next move when a high pitched, shrilly voice yelled out, “Give me your shinies!!!”, promtly followed by two goblins who poked out from opposite corners, launching arrows at the party. A tough fight ensued against a half dozen goblins and their leader who wielded a shadowy blade. The many goblins overwhelmed them at first, but the scales tipped as the fight went on and soon the goblin leader, seeing many of his kin felled, surrounded himself in shadows and disappeared. The party quickly caught sight of blood drops falling from thin air and shoved their blades at the invisible goblin filling him with an inner lattice of steel. Tired and blooded, the party decided it was time to head back up to the university for some shut eye.

After a good night’s rest the party headed back down to the Cogs and sought out foreman Brugar. They meet Brugar and a dwarf in the foundry’s canteen and were directed to the tunnel containing the infestation. Cracking open some sun rods they proceeded down the tunnel alone until they came to a large chamber containing a pyramid of skulls bound by iron framework in the center of the room and in the middle of the far wall a ramp leading up to a large set of doors. In the corners of the room and up towards the ceilings were small holes leading into tunnels. Leading up to the holed were drag marks painted in blood. The party first examined the holes to see if they could plug them up, but the task seemed too tedious to be deemed worth while. They then moved on to the door, examining it for clues, when screeches burst forth from the tunnels followed by a dozen large insects racing towards the fresh meat.

The group ran back towards the tunnel from which they came to regroup and turned to face the Kruthik menace. The main force of the insects swarmed Tzupak, who took the brunt of the damage, while Miro fended off a second group of them. Anwen and Crake stayed to the middle, Anwen plugging shots into the monsters while Crake kept the group alive. Fye bounced between the two groups, threatening the flanks of the bugs. Miro, after having finishing off his pack of insects, headed over to the Tzupak and the mass of insects surrounding him and started chanting a prayer to his gods. Fire and brimstone(?) rained down on the Kruthik and due to some extremely effective praying caused several of the bugs to burn to a crisp. The rest of the Kruthik saw that a fresh meal was not to be had that day and scurried off back into the tunnels.

Everyone wiped off the dust from their armor and checked to make sure all were OK. They then headed over to skull pile to take a closer look and see if it had any relation to the Kruthik. They found a deteriorating leather satchel containing a damaged journal along with a few gold coins from the Dargunn era and among the skulls they found a key. They all looked to the door and scurried over to see if this key might reveal what lay hidden beyond.

Session XP Gained: 1561

Treasure Summary

Encounter Treasure
A Meeting with Professor Vilora luckblade
Dust Up in the Goblin Pub none
Tomb Entry damaged journal, 11 gp in Darguun mintage, potion of healing, and battle standard of might

Remaining Resources

Name Hit Points Surges Action Points Daily Powers
Miroslav Brezlin ?? / ?? ?? / ?? ?? ??
Crake Galt 29 / 31 2 / 8 0 None
Anwen Pennent ?? / ?? ? / 6 ? ??
Tzupok ?? / ?? ? / 13 ? ??
Fye 27 / 27 4 / 6 0 1


So are we at 1561 XP total now?

Big Trouble in the Cogs

I have 1170 xp written down, so if I’d have to venture a guess I’d say 1561 is the new current XP.

Big Trouble in the Cogs

There may be quite a few grammatical mistakes…

Big Trouble in the Cogs

Does anyone remember, did I do that epic fail combo of burning up an action point and my daily in one go during the goblin fight or the Kruthik encounter?

Big Trouble in the Cogs

I’d guess the Kruthik encounter, since the goblin fight wasn’t as fierce.

Big Trouble in the Cogs

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