Glowing spires come into view in the dim twilight. The clear sky sparkles as the small skiff hurtles toward the cliff docks of the City of Towers. Sharn, as it is also known, is the largest city in Khorvaire, and ripe with countless adventures. The vertical towers strike sharp contrast to the river mouth and open sea beyond. Within the city, however, a plethora of agents and organizations vie for economic and political dominance of the largest nation on the continent, Breland.

Many of the organizations will do whatever it takes to gain advantage in the wake of the Last War. Dragonmarked Houses seek to solidify their economic advantages and expand into new endeavors. Lowly gangs jockey for support from the working masses of the lower city. And high above, a floating city above the city, called Skyway, is filled with aloof aristocrats literally disconnected from the world below. Since the Treaty of Thornhold was adopted, it seems every group in Sharn is active in seeking new opportunities wherever they may arise. Many send expeditions to Xen’drik in search of lost artifacts; others search closer to home for keys to unlock powers from ages past when demons, giants, or even goblins ruled.

You’ve simply come in search of a lost family member, Eian Pennent. He was taken from the lowly port of Five Fingers and brought here. How? Why? By whom? These are some of the questions you hope to answer as you arrive at the jagged cliff docks at the base of the vibrant metropolis.

Night in the City of Towers is a weekly Eberron campaign set in Sharn, the City of Towers, and the Eberron Campaign Setting and 4th Edition Dungeon and Dragons published by Wizards of the Coast. The primary theme is Swashbuckling Noir.

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Night in the City of Towers

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